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August 13, 2010
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Theories On Ezio's Lineage.

By now, it isn't a secret that I'm a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise. I have pretty much loved the series, and its ideas of genetic memory and heritage, ever since it first came out in 2007. Now, as the date of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood draws ever nearer, I am strongly contemplating what the next step will be in a line that we saw commence with Altaïr Ibn La'ahad and currently ends with Desmond Miles.

Reportedly, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be the final official game where we play as Ezio Auditore, the Renaissance Assassin of the bloodline. As Ezio is already in his forties during the course of this story, this may mean that he will conceive a child very soon after the events of the game. In other words, Brotherhood may hold the last of his genetic memories visible to Desmond and the modern Assassins.

At this point, after Brotherhood, it isn't a certain yet who the mother of Ezio's children may be. Still, whoever it will turn out to be, there are some other assumptions that we can make based on the rules of the Assassin's Creed universe and information so far.

1. Ezio had more than one child.
The loading sequence in the Abstergo Animus in Assassin's Creed II showed us that Ezio Auditore is the closest common ancestor of Desmond Miles and Subject Sixteen. The meaning of this is simple: right up to the point of Ezio, these two men had exactly the same ancestors.
As such, it is easy to state that, for them to have different predecessors after Ezio, the Renaissance Assassin must have fathered at least two children. This in effect would make Desmond and Sixteen distant cousins. There are two possibilities how this situation could exist:

1. Ezio had two or more children with one woman, possibly a wife or life partner.

2. Ezio had two or more children with different mothers (as even with different DNA from the maternal side, Ezio remains a joint ancestor).

Either way, for both Desmond and Sixteen to exist, Ezio must've had more than one direct descendent.

2. These children were acknowledged and raised by Ezio.

"Most Assassins are like you, yeah? They're born into the Brotherhood. Not me though..."

This statement by Shaun Hastings in Assassin's Creed II verifies that most Assassins are born into the Order. Cases like him, an outsider without Assassin heritage being accepted into it, are very rare. In other words: being an Assassin is something that goes from parent to child in almost all situations.
Even though we don't know that much about Desmond Miles's bloodline, he does tell us one important thing in the first game: his parents are Assassins. Taking the statement of Shaun into account, it is therefore very likely that the members of Desmond's family tree have been Assassins since Altaïr. As such, assuming that (one of) Ezio's partner(s) wasn't an Assassin, it is almost certain that Ezio was aware of the existence of his children, acknowledged them as his own and raised them to become Assassins after him.
Another interesting fact is that in one of the glyphs, Sixteen refers to the Assassins as "we". This implies that he was one of them and is only enforced by the fact he explored memories of missions done by his Assassin ancestors in the Animus, such as the assassination of Hitler. Once again referring to the fact that the ways of the Assassins are mostly taught to children by their parents, it is likely that both the ancestors of Desmond and Sixteen were fully acknowledged children of Ezio Auditore and he was largely involved in their upbringing. Seeing how children usually stayed with their mother during this time, this theory could perhaps disprove the "different mothers" possibility above, but this can't be said for certain.

3. Ezio's children may have grown up in Monteriggioni or be the ones who restored it.   
When opening the database entry of Monteriggioni in Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, one comes across this information:

Monteriggioni successfully withstood attacks from Florence, until in 1554, the city was betrayed. (…) Extraordinarily, the Auditore were allowed to continue their rule of Monteriggioni under Florentine leadership, showing that the Medici do not forget their friends.

The events of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood take place in 1503, more than fifty years before the town became Florentine territory. Until this time, the Auditore still ruled the city and they were left in charge even after the Medici claimed it. Also, the fact that Monteriggioni is real and still an active, bustling touristic town in the present day strongly suggests it has been rebuilt, probably by the Auditore themselves, reading this entry (the same can be true for the Villa, as the damage done to it in modern times isn't the same as the damage done during the attack by Cesare in Ezio's time).
After the death of Mario Auditore, Ezio is the only male of the family left. Again, this leads to two possibilities:

1. He returned to Monteriggioni at one point after the events of Brotherhood and raised his children there, continuing the Auditore rule. (supported by the fact that Desmond sees a vision of an older Ezio in the Sanctuary).

2. One of Ezio's children returned to Monteriggioni and continued the Auditore rule.

Regardless of which theory is correct, the fact remains that (at least part of) the Auditore family didn't remain in Rome after what transpired in Brotherhood. As Ezio is the only person whose descendents can still carry the surname of Auditore, either him or a (most likely male) heir must have returned and produced his or her own children there for the family line to continue up to the events mentioned in the database.

I hereby end my theories for Ezio's Lineage. As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that future information may prove some, if not all, of these assumptions wrong. My only point in writing them down and posting them here is to put them out there for discussion. You are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Flaming, however, will result in the comment being marked as spam.
EDIT: Caterina Sforza, Lucrezia Borgia, Cristina Vespucci and Fiora Cavazza are ruled out by now. Caterina admitted she was just a slut that used him before leaving, Ezio just pretended to hit on Lucrezia and used her like a rubberband before dumping her ass and Cristina and Fiora died.

Some theories on Brotherhood. They may or may not be proven false in the nearby future.

AC belongs to Ubisoft.
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In AC II After Altair impregnated Maria, You switch to follow her memories of when she was expecting. So would that be implying that Caterina didn't become pregnant? Then Rosa is the best theory...

...Anyways My favourite character in singleplayer has to be Lucrezia. She's so badass with her poisonous ring ^-^
Nope, she didn't become pregnant: else Ezio's memories would've stopped then and there seeing how they are only watchable to the point the next ancestor is conceived (thank God: I love Caterina, but seeing her interact with Ezio in both games made me cringe and I don't really like historical character/fictional character pairings). I think Rosa is the msot logical option. Sure, she's 47, but menopause usually starts in the early 50s with most women, so it isn't impossible for her to still have at least one child.

Lucrezia was great. I'm really sad Brotherhood didn't botehr to spend more time on the villains, though she isn't exactly one in my opinion. XD
Given that Cristina, and Caterina have been ruled out. We can guess Rosa became his partner? I don't think they'd bring out some random lady at this point, and the seem to pick people with good chemistry, so here's hoping for the best? XD
I think so too. I mean, it's a bit late to introduce someone entirely new. And given how Caterina was just using Ezio and left, Cristina (thankfully) died and the same goes for Fiora (yes, some people shipped her with Ezio), I see Rosa as the only logical option. :) Plus, it'd be a waste not to do something with the awesome chemistry they had. :)
I had heard of Fiora, but nah we all know she's either dead (which is what is given to us), or having lil courtlers, or prowlersans; if you want to go with the theory that her and Il Luo survived somehow. XD

Yeah, I have a feeling she will be it. Hopefully Ubisoft doesn't leave us hanging on that. I'd hate for them to never tell us. It would feel like a waste of time developing him and Rosa for nothing.
As hopeless fanfic writer and Il Lupo/Fiora fan, we'll go with the second theory. =P

Indeed. He and Rosa were fantastic. I was pissed she wasn't in Brotherhood and what was the point of showing those other women anyway? Caterina boinked him, but then turned out to take any hidden blade up her "intrument to make more" if it had advantages and then left and Cristina "Bella Swan" Vespucci tortured us for five sequences only to (thankfully) die. What was the point of those if they could just bring in Rosa and make it work? Hell, Rosa competing with the memory of Cristina would've added a whole new layer. XD
Agreed. But hey, they can't tell us otherwise XD And was it me, or did you think it was sweet when Il Lupo killed the people following Fiora? Of course, only to be killed by her minutes later, but whatever XD I thought that was cute, and that he took her literal back stabbing to heart. Everyone else wasn't as offended by her betrayal like he was. He was cursing and all sorts of things to express his hurt =P

Me too, I was disappointed she wasn't in it. I guess they wanted to give him different love interests to keep us in the edge of our seats, but in the end they debunked the losers, and all that's left is Rosa. They made a better match anyway.

Ha, Rosa competing with the memory of Cristina would have been far more interesting, but thank god Cristina died. She was a total Bella Swan; useless and needy XP
Where is that info about Il Lupo? I never saw it anywhere.

Rosa should've been in it period. Ezio's story should be wrapped up: I'm growing kind of sick of him, even though I like him.
It was in Project Legacy. And I quote: "I hear a cry! A splash behind me! Il Lupo has his wrist blades extended. They fold clumsily compared to an Assassin, but the blood on his demonstrates their efficiency. He tells me I was being followed. No longer."

I know, I'm feeling the same way. They whored him too much, but I'm glad they're moving on. Or at least, that's what they're making it look like.
So yeah, it's pretty obvious that he did feel something for her.

They really should. Let Ezio rest and finish the story with Desmond. If they still want another AC after that, take a new story arc with a new protagonist, bloodline and dilemma to be solved.
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